Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Vigilance Solutions provides best-in-class technology, guidance, and clinical leadership for hospitals and healthcare providers to transform their organizations into high-performing accountable delivery systems. The depth and breadth of our solutions—combined with our real-world experience—make us the ideal partner for any organization seeking greater coordination and accountability.

Whether it is change related to people, process, policy or technology, our Transformation team can help your health organization build and execute a practical and effective transformation agenda.

Optimizing workflows to increase efficiency and lower administrative overhead.
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Patient Experience
Delivering patient-centric care plans and protocols in place of a billing-centric model.
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Tools for increasing staff accountability and performance management.
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Utilizing the latest in technology to streamline communication with patients.
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360° Support
Count on us for advice, training, change management, and analysis.
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Upgrading IT systems to Canadian standards in privacy, security, and interoperability.
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